GlobalSD Training and Consulting Services believes that integrating sustainability successfully in business practices is to bring awareness through continuous training and education to the different departments within your organization. We can provide you with a variety of workshops and training sessions face-to-face or virtually, which can be used to develop your employees’ knowledge of sustainable development and practices and other organizational needs. Below is a list of topics that could be integrated into your workshop. We are flexible in the services we provide and can customize a workshop that could meet organization's current needs. Workshops could include team building and training activities and range from one hour to all day, depending on your needs.

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Business Meeting
  • Embracing and Managing Diversity

  • The Power of Socialization in the Workplace

  • Understand the Growing Niche Tourism Trends

  • Managing Leadership and Organizational Change

  • Evaluate Technology and how it is Driving the Changes in the Hospitality Industry

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Building Customer Loyalty and Engagement

  • Community Tourism and Development

  • Team Work and Team Building

  • Training and Development

  • Building Employee Motivation

  • Embracing Sustainable Tourism

  • Personal and Professional Development

  • Tourism Product and Development

  • Forecasting for Revenue Optimization

  • Green Marketing and Branding

  • Diversity and Sensitivity Training