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Dr. Keneika A. Rowe, CHE, CHIA, Founder & CEO

Dr. Keneika A. Rowe was born in Jamaica and currently resides in the United States. Her mission is to use her expertise to build sustainable organizations and communities in the US and developing nations. With her extensive background in the hospitality and tourism industry, she provides services virtually or face-to-face in training and workshops that can improve communities, destinations, leadership and organizational change, employee productivity, and overall performance in various industries. Dr. Rowe is a qualitative and quantitative researcher, scholar, and management consultant with over a decade of industry experience. She is a solid analytical and problem-solving leader with expertise in strategic planning, leadership and organizational change, destination research, market research, sustainable tourism planning and development, lodging and restaurant operations, training and development, revenue management, and project management. She is an educator and Quality Matters Certified Peer Reviewer in Higher Education. She has trained, mentored, and educated future and current industry professionals at undergrad and graduate levels in colleges and universities. She has extensive knowledge of the instructional design of e-learning and blended learning courses and programs. Over the years, she has designed, developed, and reviewed courses and programs in Top Tier 1 universities and colleges. She is passionate about implementing sustainability in organizations and thriving in promoting forward-thinking and environmentally-conscious organizations.

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