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Welcome to GlobalSD Training & Consulting Services First Blog!

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I would like to take the time to welcome you all to GlobalSD Training & Consulting Services. My name is Keneika A. Rowe- Theodore, Ph.D., CHE, CHIA and I am the founder and CEO of this business and platform. I am a hospitality and tourism educator and management scholar who believes in the sustainability of companies within our industry. Over the years, I have researched the small and medium-sized hotel sectors and realized the lack of resources and support that were available to educate and train these hoteliers and employees on the ways to implement sustainable practices in their operations. After completing my dissertation in 2018, on “Hoteliers’ Perceptions of Sustainable Practices on Small Hotel Optimization: A Phenomenology Inquiry” you can read more here. I realized that not all hoteliers understood the meaning of sustainable development and practices but have shown various ways in how they have implemented these practices in their organizations.

My Decision

I have decided that the best way to keep small and medium-sized hotels competitive is to provide them the resources needed and a platform where they can share their experiences and practices of sustainable development. Many small and medium-sized hoteliers in various countries are performing better than others. If my blogging platform, could be that place where all hoteliers, globally, could chime in and network with each other, then this could be that learning and network building environment that was missing to encourage the development of these operations. I created this space for us to share our experiences and to learn new ways on how we can continue to shed light on sustainable practices and its importance.

What to Expect on This Blogging Platform?

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You can expect to see various blogs on the growing trends in sustainable development as well as the overall hospitality and tourism industry. In addition, you will be exposed to a variety of topics that are focused on sustainable development and practices, operations, training, and staff development for small and medium-sized hotels. I will be posting a new blog every two weeks.

I am an avid researcher not only on sustainable development and practices but also on the overall changes, challenges, and growth in the hospitality and tourism industry. I continue to educate professionals on how they can keep up with the trends that could contribute to their bottom line. I want you to know that my goal is to provide my audiences with credible online resources. Furthermore, this platform will encourage two-way communication where my subscribers will be able to share their knowledge, expertise and experiences professionally and respectfully. I am passionate about knowledge sharing and believe this is the best way to join hands in developing forward-thinking organizations and preserving our natural resources for future generations!

Follow US!

If you have not done so yet, please subscribe to my blog and check out my website to learn of the various services that GlobalSD Training & Consulting Services have to offer. Also, follow us on our other platforms, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up with the resources that will be shared. We are excited to serve you and hope your experience will be knowledgeable and rewarding.

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